November 27, 2013

Finding Focus

With this post I'm going to say Thank You so far and Good-Bye for a two-week break from blogging and surfing through the world wide web. This is the time of year that I really have to focus on my studies at college since exams are coming up :) So, I'll be back around the 10th Dec. and be sure to check back then ;) There is so much more to come, cannot wait to play with the keys again and let my mind flourish.

In the meantime: read and dream a bit with Dreams by OFF Color, it's such a nice magazine full of dreamers, believers and thinkers ♥

So how do we find focus?
Take a step back. Back away from the browser and the phone, and give yourself a moment’s space to think.
What do you really want to do right now? What’s most important? What kind of person do you want to be?
Maybe you have 5 things you want to do. Pick one. Subtract.

Read on here if you want to find focus by Zenhabits.

See you guys back in December ♥

Love, Minh

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  1. wise words, love!
    deine liebe und feedback ist einfach unglaublich! x


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