November 14, 2013

Pattern Mixture x Christmas is coming

Yes, this Kenzo scarf just always reminds me of Christmas, but it fits perfectly to this season :) The dark green, the red, that's just christmas for me :) Lately, I've been wearing some 'old' clothes more and more, which I really like because you become more creative and try to mix and match pieces or in this case: patterns. 

I bought this grey-leo Monki sweater last winter in Berlin and haven't worn it since.. Why? Well, it fuzzes (dt:fusseln =D) a lot, like A LOT, I really cannot wear black clothes with it, but this time I didn't care and whenever you're in a hurry, you'll become even more creative. So, I had to prepare myself for Uni and threw on this sweater, the Kenzo scarf, matched it with my favorite dark olive green UniqLo pants and my go-tos the black Chelsea Boots from Goertz. Have some golden jewelry with it and you're good to go :) 

Bracelets: & Other Stories-my dad's gift-Vintage Timex Watch.


  1. Vintage ;) totally worth it

  2. santa's scarf looks good on you, girl! x


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