November 8, 2013

Food Friday: Yellow Sunshine Berlin

Although I'm really not into burgers THAT much, my dear friend told me that I really have to try out the vegetarian and vegan fast food restaurant Yellow Sunshine in Berlin. It's also the very first Organic one in Germany. So, there I was, standing in a fast food restaurant, not really knowing what to do in there but after the first sight into their menu I became curious.

I went for the Spinach x Cheese Burger and my friend had the vegan 'Double-sChicken' Burger and I have to say: How good was that? =D Yes, I have to admit, these burgers were really delicious and I will go back if I'm lusting for some ;-) The fact that they have vegetarian, vegan AND organic food to offer is tempting. And I think that once in a while comfy food like burgers are fine ;-) So, dig into a supergood burger without guilt!

Yellow Sunshine, Wienerstr. 19, 10999 Berlin


  1. Hört sich super an, muss ich mir mal merken! Ende des Monats bin ich auch mal wieder in Berlin, aber ich denke dann hab ich eher wenig "Freizeit" - bin auf meinem ersten Bloggerevent eingeladen :)

  2. Boah sieht das lecker aus!!!!!
    Folge dir jetzt via GFC und bloglovin und würde mich mega freuen, wenn du auch mir folgst!


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