September 19, 2014

Healthy Friday: More and more Vegan

This is no regular Food Friday and I actually wanted to post this on a healthy wednesday, but since I moved to New York almost three weeks ago, things are a bit crazy over here and I barely find time to really embrace myself into blogging! Just so you know, there will be some changes in the next couple of months and I am not sure, if I will be able to post on specific weekdays.

Still, no excuses and I really wanted to share this important fact with you. Well, okay, this is not big news because some of my friends did sense that, but I do eat more and more vegan now. How come? I tried several times last year, but was never able to stick to it for more than a week. And then, something happened to my skin. After my summer in Berlin, I started getting eczema and it was really bad, so bad that my skin turned completely white and dry because I could not resist scratching. I never had it before and after a few check-ups with my doctors and failed treatments with creams, I took the chance and just try it.

Brooklyn, NY

Let's go vegan for 30 days, strict. As you know, I already did tend to more vegan and vegetarian food since I post them in my food friday recipes, so this was actually not that hard for me. But, I have to say, it was very benefical to not stay with my parents and their Vietnamese cooking, therefore I was forced to cook for myself when I spent that month in Berlin. Additonally, I did not consume dairy before, and I could definitely live without cheese. So, the 30 days turned out to be very experimental and at the end very eye-opening. My skin got better and better and it seemed like my eczema was gone.. for good... until life becomes stressful again and your body shows it to you.

Nevertheless, it's been around three months now and I would say that I am still 80% vegan. Why only 80%? Because I do have my exceptions. The very first month was strict, but then later, I figured out for myself that most of the time and especially when I am cooking for me, I can definitely stay vegan. But you know what, there are situations such as birthday parties, having food at home with your parents etc., where I do not ask whether there is egg or milk inside the birthday cake or the spring roll. I would either bring my own food or just eat with my friends and family because I don't want to make a big deal about my lifestyle and we still want to be social, right?! If friends came over to my place, it would totally be all-vegan. And why not back to meat? Not only did my skin turn better, but in general I feel better, too! :) 
So amazed by the COLORS! *.*

Here are some tips to start out with veganism: 

1. Start small, try a day, then a week, 
then a month and if it suits you, keep going 

2. Of course, it helps when you're open-minded 
and want to learn more about this lifestyle  

3. Inform yourself to get the right nutrients and 
also protein from your vegetables and fruits

4. Don't try to convert people, 
always be nice and open, too!

5. You can substitute everything:
cow milk with soy/almond/hemp/flax milk
eggs with soy milk/bananas/other fruits etc.
 cheese with almond butter/ cashew butter

6. Be creative! Look up amazing recipes on the WWW, 
find some of mine here

.. and most of all: don't be too harsh on yourself, this should be about your health and food should be fun and enjoyable!

Happy Experimenting!


  1. I'm so lucky that people open their eyes! I am a vegan too and I've never felt more better in my life! :) Great post!

    Luxveritatis.| Beauty.Fashion.Crafts

  2. Sieht richtig toll aus - du hast nun eine Leserin mehr ;)
    Vielleicht gefallen dir meine Septemeberklänge?

    Liebe Grüße,
    Sandra ♥

    1. Du hast nun auch eine Leserin mehr,
      bin gespannt was bei dir noch kommt ;-)

      Liebe Grüße aus NY,

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    1. Thanks for your follow, and I'm follow you back.

  4. You have a very good blog :))


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