September 3, 2014

Last Stop in San Francisco ♥

 Beautiful view

 A bit of sightseeing out of the car

Hello San Francisco!

My one-month trip ended in San Francisco, where I met my dear friend Carla, who I got to know in a hostel in Miami two years ago. How come? Well, we stayed in touch and since I was already on the Westcoast in Canada, I took the flight down south to see her! It wasn't planned, not at all.. but when we skyped on my last days in Vancouver, I wanted to see her even more. 

We spent some real quality time together and I got to know her lovely dog Jazzie and some of her friends. One day, we went for a nice walk in Tiburon, had lunch at Sam's Anchor Café and finished the day with a beautiful sunset in the Crissy Field Park.

 Tiburon, San Francisco

 Where are the apples coming from?? :)

 Crissy Field, San Francisco

On our last day together, Carla took me to this amazing hike to Claremont Canyon in Berkeley. Also, it was International Dog Day and Jazzie seemed pretty happy to spend the afternoon hiking.

Carla! Thank you so so much for everything! You still inspire me and I cannot thank you enough! I am definitely coming back and if not to San Francisco, I am sure, we are going to travel and hike together somewhere else.. 

Hugs and love to you & Jazzie ♥ 


  1. WHOA. These are great pictures!!!
    I can't believe you traveled to SF. So luckyyyy

    Anyways, I enjoyed looking at the picture and the pictures are so wonderful.
    My favorite is the sunset pictures that you've taken in the end- beautiful.
    Let me know about your nyc arrival ^^

  2. You go girl! :) Thanks for stopping by my site and I agree, travel posts are the best!


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