September 5, 2014

Food Friday: The Pancake goes around the World

 Vancouver, Canada

How to bring two of your favorite hobbies together? 

Cook for your dear hosts and friends 
to show some gratitude :)

My plan was to bake bread for them, but as you might already know from my previous travel posts: No planning is the best travel advice! Find something else what everyone, yes everyone loves: namely P-A-N-C-A-K-E-S! As a foundation of all my pancakes, I take this recipe of my vegan banana pancake with almonds. Then, I would just see what kind of ingredients my friends would like to have. The result is a big improvisation, maybe a challenge but always with a super yummy outcome and happy tummies :)

Pancake #1 served in Vancouver was rather a non-vegan cheat-pancake because the dough included: white flour, white sugar, milk, bananas, chocolate-chips, blueberries and almonds. What a lovely treat for breakfast *.*
North Vancouver, Canada

Pancake #2 served in North Vancouver was healthier because it included flax & spelt flour, bananas, almonds, chia seeds and goji berries, therefore tons of superfoods. We enjoyed it with Matcha Latte and good old fashioned Canadian Maple Syrup. Never had it before, so yummy! ♥

 San Francisco, California

Pancake #3 served in San Francisco was a real challenge!!! Carla's boyfriend is on a special diet and is not allowed to eat many things.. such as banana, almonds, chocolate, mango, tomatoes (not that I would put them in the pancake) .. but all the good stuff! :O Clearly, for a foodlover like me, I answered with: Challenge ACCEPTED!

This specialty, which made it to the healthiest pancake, included: not sticky coconut flour, coconut milk, peaches! yes, he can eat peaches! tapioca, and I think that was it! Although the pancakes looked more like burgers or patties, the judges aka my friends liked it. I thought it was so-so since this coconutty pancake can definitely be upgraded! Anyone interested in a small experiment with me? :) 

Enjoy your weekend guys! ♥

I'm off to New Adventures, 
New York I'm all yours now!


  1. The second pancake looks so delicious!

    It would mean a world to me if anyone peeked into my blog a bit, I'm new to this blogger thing. Any support would mean a lot to me! Thanks:)

  2. Gnam gnam! They look delicious! Kiss
    Do you want to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know. ;)

  3. Oh. Great blog Minh.
    Congratulations. Nice work!


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