September 12, 2014

NYFW S/S 2015 // After Rachel Zoe #3

Margaret Zhang from Shine by Three.

This is the final post of the street style series I shot after Rachel Zoe's Show at Soho Grand. If you read my last post, you can tell how excited I was to see familiar and well-known fashion bloggers I adore. In here, you will also find some influential people from the blogosphere!

Love this!

Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Japan.

♥.♥ Aimee Song from Song of Style.

Lovely Boots!
Such a cute couple!
Leslie & Ron Rosenzweig, Rachel Zoe's parents.

Margaret Zhang with a different outfit.

This was actually my second time being in front of a show in New York and hoping for some street style pictures, but two years ago... when this blog was still named differently and when this was mainly about my travels back then (stroll through my archive if you like) I didn't have the right camera to take good pictures and yes, I have to admit, I wasn't as confident enough to ask people to take pictures of them! 

Now, two years, a fashion internship in Berlin, a different blog name and more experience with this later, everything worked out very well on wednesday. Not only did I meet Yona the very first time to hang out, but I also asked Aimee Song, one of my favorite bloggers, for a street style picture! #girlcrush 

I actually met my blogger friend Yona through blogging and as we started talking more and more, I told her that I would be in this city soon! She came with me to the show and took some candid detail shots, check it out here. Thank you for stopping by guys, I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I do! 

New ideas are popping up in my mind,
so stay stuned for more stories from the city that never sleeps ♥

Edit: Yes, I took all photos myself. 
If you use one of my pictures, you must specify it and link back to this blog. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! These shots are great.
    I can't believe you took a great shot of Aimee Song and Ana Russo! :o

    I had much fun with you last week. We should hang out soon again, keke.

  2. So many cool looks!

    Btw: Thank you so much for your lovely words on my blog :) I really appreciate this!!


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