December 13, 2011


This is what I got in the last few weeks at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market in Manhatten, NYC.

I have a passion for old, used accessories, especially vintage handbags and scarves. I like to combine old stuff with new ones. It is a lot of fun to go to flea markets and second hand shops to wander around and to discover some treasures. All my friends know that I am a small fleamarket- addict and I am always looking for some new handbags. But HEY, sometimes you get great deals and you cannot say NO.

Compare to Germany it is more expensive and you cannot always bargain with the vendors, 
but you can find very popular brands like Coach, J.Crew. and many more.. 

And at the fleas in the city there are young designers as well, 
so you could find handmade jewelry or unique shirts. 

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