February 13, 2014

The Vintage Military Jacket..

..from my dad's. When we celebrated the new Lunar Year with all the other Vietnamese people around town, I noticed that some of the fathers were wearing those kind of military jackets. Big, slouchy, square-shaped and khaki. It was really funny seeing them with the same 'uniforms'. So, I spoke to my dad the other day: Hey, where did you guys have those jackets from? I want one, too! =D My mum was laughing.. and my dad was like: Well, yeah, I have another one, just bought it a few weeks ago from an old lady, who was in the military. Oh really?? You aren't kidding? 

Here it is: the oversize Vintage Military Jacket! When I first threw this on (my instagram followers already saw it ;-) ) I wasn't sure about whether or not to keep this item. I luckily didn't pay anything for it and really needed to get use to this big jacket, but hey, step out of your comfort zone and try something new, right? :) I've thought since this jacket is a bit bigger in shape I have to pair it with something slim. I chose my Vintage Object Jumper, my patterned Zara pants, the Zara boots, and the Urban Outfitters Backpack for school :) Oh, not to forget the black fleece jacket underneath from Mazine, a German streetwear brand, to keep me warm these days. Bracelets are also from my dad's and & Other Stories.
How do you like it? 
Should I keep the Military Jacket or return it to my dad? :)


  1. My favorite of all outfits so far!

  2. I think you should totes keep it.
    Amazing stuff that daughters can rock with dad's clothes.
    Also olive jackets are deff in trend!! Nothing can go wrong, hehe
    Shouldn't be afraid to leap out of the comfort zone when everyone will openly love what you will do~

  3. love the look of the jacket, def. a keeper!
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  4. love the jacket and the backpack!! :)


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