June 30, 2014

Whites & Greens on Vacation :)

Here are just a few attempts from my boyfriend taking outfit pictures of me. I am not one of those lucky bloggers, who has a photographer as a boyfriend, but I think he did a fair job for his very first time, what do you think? :) That day, we did a lot of biking around Potsdam and Sanssouci Park and additionally the weather was really changeable, warm and sunny or cold and rainy, therefore I was trying to stay comfy and warm. 

I wore an old H&M blouse, olive greenish Uniqlo pants, my black Chelsea Boots and a Vintage Leather handbag from the flea :) I really love that handbag, but I only take it in the summer with me because in winter I shy away from too much color because I think this orange-brownish color is hard to mix in the winter, especially when I'm wearing lots of black and grey. But in the summer months, I like lots of white and also color mixes :) The golden bracelet is from Snash Jewelry NY.

Oh and the picture below is just me 
relaxing on the doorsteps of our holiday home :) 
All beige and white with a touch of brown & gold.

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