December 2, 2014

NYC #14 // The Runner's High

 Rookie Run // Madison Square Park

Ever felt like being on a Running High?! 

These pictures were captured two weeks ago when I first signed myself up for the free Nike+ Runs.  

Sunday Morning: Rookie Run, a one miler to shake off some dust, get some basics and then build up your way to maybe-your fastest mile ever. This fun-run is for anyone who wants to start running - get back to it - or just any runner who needs a bit of change. It's great for taking friends, to introduce them to running and to move your body! The result of the Rookie Run? So, so much fun! We turned some non-joggers into run-lovers! Although it ended up being more than one mile, maybe two, my friends enjoyed it. For me, this was an easy one. I loved the sprinting part and was excited to start running again!

Tuesday Night: Home Run. Central Park. You can choose between 3, 5 and 7 miles. It's supposed to be your home run, so choose wisely. Nike Pacers will be there to help you with your paces and distances. Start slow, build up, go faster. Wow, that was a more challenging one for me because I wasn't used to the pace and the up and downs inside the park. The Pacer did a wonderful job by pushing us through, we motivated each other by brainstorming hashtags such as #makeitcount #noexcuses #nevernotrunning #sweatismagic Loved this group run!

  Home Run // Central Park

Thursday Night: Local Run. 4-5 miler through places and spaces you've never been. Explore the city with a local and learn something new about the New York City neighbourhoods! The Local is one of the best sessions: new seeings, good people and always a nice party afterwards. Although it was kind of raining and snowing that night, this was my best run so far, I kept a steady pace, breathing was excellent and hey, we made it through!

 Local Run // Roosevelt Island

Long Run // Uptown

Saturday Morning: Challenge yourself. Go further. Choose between 4, 8 and 12 miles. Wow, crazy huh? For everyone who is training for a race, the Long Run is good practice! This was by far the most challenging run for me. Why? I was running out of fuel, and I was damn! tired. The Pacer sticked to me, made me finish the whole thing although we stopped a few times to check breathing. She didn't give up on me and at the last metres, she kept yelling: Finish strong!!! The body was not used to it, still, I fell in love with every metre!

Sunday Morning: Another Rookie Run! Brought another friend. It was cold, but it was so much fun. We laughed lots! Connect with friends through movement and endorphins again. Motivate each other to come out and run in a group. These moments are priceless! 

As you can see, I was on a total running high and I didn't want to stop! You make new friends, get your butt moving, it's an appointment, so therefore #noexcuses!, and the feeling afterwards? Just A-M-A-ZING! Thanks to everyone, who make this running experience such an incredible one! Ever happen to be in New York? Go explore the running groups and never run by yourself again ;)

 Rookie Run // Nike Running Flatiron

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