July 16, 2012

Bastille Day in NYC

After arriving back in the city, back in reality, back in life.. 
I didn't go straight home. I've met my Australian friend Rebecca and we decided to check out the French street fair, which is held every year: Bastille Day NY
A street fair to celebrate the french culture and other francophone countries like Canada, Switzerland and more. I like going to street fairs because of the food :-D Crépes and macarons were predominant at this one. Although we went there we ended up at Le pain quotidien for lunch. I think it is a french or belgian chain all over the city. I wanted to go meatless and had a lentil salad on arugula and it was really good and filling! I have to experiment with lentils and quinoa at home! :-)

Coming home after this exhausting weekend I took a long shower and went to bed early,
hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, too!


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