July 20, 2012

More bread woohoo!

I baked some more bread :-) but this time I used a different recipe and whole- wheat instead of spelt flour. It's so easy making your own bread!!! On the left I've tried to make a ciabatta- kind of bread with oregano. Both are whole grain. I'm telling you I have so much fun baking and trying out new recipes! And you know what? My hostfamily just bought a bread machine!!! I am so excited :-D Although I prefer baking in the oven because of the look of the bread (I don't like the square- shape of the bread machines) I'll give it a shot and see if it's really convenient!

Green- tip: Forget the white wonder bread! It's processed and unhealthy, instead bake your own! At least you'll know what's inside and adding different grains and spices will make it tastier! Mix different types of flours, spelt flour or rye flour. Flax seeds will add lots of protein, try adding rolled oats, quinoa, barley and whatever you like :-)

Here is the recipe for this one:
7 and 1/2 cup whole- wheat flour
1 regular tablespoon salt
2 packages active- dry yeast
650 to 800ml warm water (if the dough is to dry or crumbly add more water)

That's it! Mix all ingredients together, knead to a ball and let it rise for an hour or more, covered in a dry towel. It will make two loaves, so you can cut it in half before and add flavors and grains. Then bake 20minutes on 400°F and 40minutes on 350°F.

Enjoy baking bread,



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