August 22, 2014

Rocky Mountains // Jasper Nationalpark

Only after staying 2 nights in Vancouver, we decided to go to the Rocky Mountains right away and booked a Greyhound Bus from Vancouver to Jasper, Alberta, where our wildlife trip should start. Another friend from my hometown, who has been in Canada for 3 months already, spontanuously decided to join us. 

After a 12hr bus ride, the three of us were pretty tired, but still motivated to do our very first hike from Jasper to the Valley of Five Lakes.. 

This hike was quite challenging because we ended up taking detours due to lack of signs and I have to say that each of us had 36 pounds + on our back. But this view of one of the Five Lakes was pretty rewarding after half a day of hiking and backpacking.

One of the Five Lakes

When we arrived at a parking lot, we tried to hitchhike to the next sightseeing... And only half an hour later, we were sitting with a German girl in her van; I was really grateful since this was my first time hitchhiking and many tourists passed us.. she took us to the Athabasca Falls and to the next Campground at the Icefield Center.

Athabasca Falls
Athabasca Glacier at Columbia Icefield Center

Although that campground was already full (we got there around 6pm), a guard let us pitch our tent between 3 spots, which was really nice of her and I was just happy about the fact that we could take a rest then. The next day, we got up early to walk up to the Athabasca Glacier. It was pretty cold and rainy at first, but turned out pretty good later.

I think that the actual Glacier isn't as pretty because it's summer right now, but I just love the landscape and the variety Canada has to offer. And oh, the picture underneath, I think my shoes are actually matching the trail, don't they? :) But you know what? Those were NO good hiking shoes.. which I had to learn the next day. We were just going to hike up the Wilcox Pass until I sprained my ankle.. and spent the rest of the day in the car, cooling it and taking pain killers. Anyways, I was able to walk again and nothing could stop me to do another crazy hike. 

About the other pictures: I was just so amazed about the plants growing up here although it's super cold at the glacier and there was a bit of blue ice left, can you see it? :)

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