August 3, 2014

The Wanderlust got me again

It's almost 2am in Germany and my flight is leaving in 10 hours, I should go to bed at some point, hmm.. Anyways! I know, I did not post anything this week, but I was really busy with organizing my last and final things for a long trip overseas. Yes, I'll cross the ocean and it'll be a new country :) And yes, although the week was packed, I am excited and happy about this! Additionally, if you're friends with me on FB, you might have seen that I also had my very first skating accident this past week. So, this slowed me down a bit more.. still leaving the continent though.

Two years ago, I arrived from the U.S. after a 13-month stay and now, it's time again! How come? Well, I guess, if you're traveler it's hard to call a place home. Now, that I've been back for such a long time, things settle, you have you're routines, school is school and work is work. It was really hard for me to be back in Germany, I struggled with a reversed culture shock and felt misunderstood (still feel so sometimes, you start to adjust..). I was longing for that spark again, that feeling of happiness and freedom. But my mind was somewhere else, I was constantly thinking of going back.. back to travelling, and actually back to the place where I am heading. This is not a love letter to longboarding, but I must state here, yes, right here so that you know, that this sport gave me back a similar feeling!

Nevertheless, you cannot compare travelling with a sport, you must do it and experience it. And I think, Nike is just right: Just do it! Before I am heading to one of my favorite places on earth, I booked a ticket to Vancouver, BC!!! Why? Nature. I really want to dig into Canada, the Rocky Mountains, the National Parks and also, what the city and people have in store. I've never been and I am planning to be there at least for 3 weeks. So, for the next 3 to 4 weeks, I am trying my best to keep you updated with my travels until things settle again.. Stay tuned and follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook for daily pictures,

but most importantly
take care and don't hurt yourself!

Minh Huyen

P.S.: Oh and afterwards? You should know, it isn't that hard to guess :)

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  1. That top is so cute with the bralette! & I LOVE travelling but never have had an issue declaring where is home... maybe one day. and yaay for coming to Canada! I hope you enjoy it. X

    Chic Nikkie


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