April 16, 2014

Healthy Wednesday: Explore Nature

It's getting warmer outside and I'm spending a lot of time with activities like running, yoga, skating and just being out in nature :) Last weekend, I joined a small hiking tour to explore some herbs and had the urge to hug a tree :) I definitely need to do this more often, why? Spending some time, a few hours in nature has many benefits to your health and overall well-being:

1. You will be able to breathe in and out fresh air again :) 
Far away from exhaust gas from cars and urban areas/cities.
Japanese people practice 'forest bathing' regularly, 
which lowers cortisol, blood pressure and pulse rate. 
Read on here.

2. You will feel more content, grateful,
 grounded and at present. It is fuel for your soul
and you will feel signs of happiness :)
Especially people who live and work in big cities,
should get outside every single day.

3. Mother nature will give you new energy to revitalise again.

4. Movement like walks, hikes and so on 
will stimulate your metabolism. 
Studies found out that being out in nature 
increases your vitality and energy.

5. And there is so much more, you only need to step outside
 and go find your little forest close to your town or city.

I love and cherish these moments outside. After such hikes, I'm always in a good mood and feel positivity all over me :) In nature, there's no bad or good, no doubt, no fear, no failure, only what is there is: Beauty. What about doing something with people you like, doing something outside and exploring your local surroundings, and hey it's for free!!! And the most precious thing you'll need for is: Time. 

Never stop being curious because there might be something beautiful :) Here are also two super interesting posts on how to live healthy up to 100 years of age (also by hiking and being out in nature every single day or week) and an amazing video about Nature, Beauty and Gratitude.   

Embrace the little things in life and 
be grateful for what we have today :)

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  1. Really beautiful photos! It looks like Summer:-)♥!
    Hope you have a great day and greetings from Finland,


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