April 7, 2014

Mindful Monday: Shopping Challenge Month # 3

How am I doing with no shopping? :) Actually pretty well! The picture underneath was taken at the 2nd flea market I went to this year and there, I was able to sell some of my stuff. My closet shrank a bit, but it wasn't that good as the first one. There weren't as much people coming to the flea, but it was okay. I still had fun with my two friends next to me :) especially because they've never been to a flea market to sell their own stuff before. So, it was funny seeing them selling and trading with their clothes :) 

Oh, okay, I have to admit, I did buy something.. but it's from my friends and 1 € each. It is a grey scarf and a shirt/dress, so yeah I don't really count these items ;-) hope that you're okay with it! But I still need to figure out what I am going to do with the leftover stuff I brought back home.. maybe my 3rd flea session this year or should I sell some on the Internet? Do you have any recommendations? :)

What's more important is that I do not have the need to go shopping anymore. It's like: whenever I stroll on fashion blogs or shopping sites, these pictures trigger my need to buy, buy, buy, but if I stay away from those, I don't even care and hey, I feel much better about it :) I think that I am really saving a lot of money and reflect more about what I want to spend it on. 

For example, I saved some money..

1. to buy me a new Camera:
Yes, finally got myself a Canon DSLR EOS and 
I am still superduper excited about it because taking pictures, 
especially food pictures ;-) is waaaay more fun!!! :) 
Check out my instagram :-P 

2. to join a regular Yoga Class again:
I've also started a new Yoga class this morning to get back deeper into it :) 
because I know, it makes me happy and calm.

3. for the special moments:
activities with friends'n family,
 and travelling :) 

Oh my, that's actually why I am saving for.. travelling this summer :) :) Cannot wait to tell you about my big plans, but what about your New Year's Resolutions? Did you have any, do you stick with it or did you already quit?

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