April 4, 2014

Rohvolution 2014: How was it?

As I've told you in last week's post, I was in Berlin over the weekend to attend the biggest Raw and Vegan Food Event Rohvolution in Europe. How was it then? I was there on Sunday because I hoped that it'd be less crowded, and yes it actually was :)

Exhibitors and visitors were pretty relaxed and calm, so it was a really nice atmosphere. My boyfriend and I arrived around noon, just perfect to take part in the lecture of Arnold Wiegand, a Raw and Vegan athlete who regularly participates in triathlons and Iron marathons. We were interested in his lifestyle and how he actually manages his training routines with being a vegan, having a raw and plant-based diet and whether he uses supplements. This took about 45min. and it was really good, he explained to us how he trains and what kind of food he eats, but also what myths are not true and what beginners (vegan + extreme sports) should be aware of.

Several products were presented, like the Vegafino, picture above, with which you can make your own nut milk or different blenders for smoothies and juices. The highlight of this event were definitely the variety of yumminess for about 2 to 8 Euros, from cookies and desserts to salads, falafel, wraps and more. We both tried out the Chili Sin Carne from Arohma and the Falafel from Bistroh Rohköstlich, but also bits'n pieces of raw, dried cookies, chocolate and green juices.

The two wonderful ladies above are Nelly Reinle-Carayon and Birgit Roth, the inventors of Wild Pasta, the very first raw pasta, which does not need to be cooked, yes at all! The Raw Pasta mostly consist of Quinoa, different herbs, spices and sea salt. It's also gluten-free and is available in three tastes: Sea Salt (the Original), Tomatoe and Provencal herbs. No cooking needed, how? Just soak in your pasta with any sauce or pesto for about 15-20 minutes and you will have your raw, healthy and delicious meal :) Isn't that amazing? I will definitely get myself a package at the store Rohk√∂stlich and will try this out, will keep you updated ;) 

That day it was also nice and warm out, so that we spend some time outside of the two fair halls and enjoyed some sun on our faces :) That green juice was of spinach, pineapple, apple, oranges and super yummy and refreshing! How did my boyfriend actually like it? Well, he said it was a lot of fun, very interesting and there was a lot to learn about food and health. The only thing he did not think of at first was: everything is cold! Raw food, duh.. :D 

We also ended up shopping some stuff for our sweet tooth, have you ever tried Govinda Paradiso-Konfekt? It's only coconut, coconut butter and agave syrup, super delicious :) I hope you guys were able to come to this event, too. If not, go to the other ones this year and let the Raw & Vegan products and foods inspire you :) It is definitely worth it and I can highly recommend it, especially when you can shop cheaper than in the store ;-)

Happy eating, shopping and happy experimenting ♥

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