May 27, 2014

Vintage Finds in the Streets of NYC

A new old Outfit Post for today :) I know that I am lacking on posts at the moment, but I'm in the middle of my exams and there are also other activities I'm doing beside of blogging ;-) But you can check my Instagram and Facebook Accounts for bits'n pieces of health, fashion and food :-P I've been thinking a lot about my time in the States lately and when I strolled through old NYC pictures, I found these :)

Here are some shots of me at the Hell's Kitchen Fleamarket in Manhattan. That moment I was really! indecisive about the purchase of this Vintage Oversize Blazer. I bet you know how it is: there's a super special item and then you don't really know if it fits to your wardrobe.. hmm.. and then you start thinking and thinking and doubting and well.. are you going to buy it? Hmm.. Sorry to all my lovely friends who go shopping with me and know that I do need my time to decide, and thanks guys for your patience ♥ 

So, it was a yellow-plaid LaFayette Blazer, which I threw over a Forever 21 shirt, black skinny jeans, my beloved and unfortunately worn-out Blowfish Boots and a brown scarf, paired with some brownish jewelery :) 

How do you guys like this rather colorful mixture on me? 

P.S.: I did end up buying the blazer, but since then I only wore it once for an art exhibition. I've decided to sell it at a flea market last year ;-) It was supposed to make someone else happy ;-)

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