July 4, 2014

Food Friday: Strawberry x Mango Juice

What's better than a healthy, nutrient-dense juice to freshen up yourself in this heat ;-) ? Well, okay, maybe a pool or a visit to the lake, but since I'm in the middle of Berlin, I need to hydrate my body from the inside out, and if it's not a green juice, which is more vegetable loaded, maybe a sweeter one? :)

In addition to that, Strawberry Season is almost over!! So go out, grab your bike or board and ride to the next organic supermarket to get the last strawberries this summer! Here comes the Strawberry x Mango Juice:

Half a mango,
some strawberries,
slices of ginger.
Another fruit if you like,
in here it's half an apple.
Chia Seeds & Goji Berries.

1. Slice up everything into small chunks or cubes, blend in with your blender or food processor.

2. Add some chia seeds and goji berries on top of the juice. You can easily stir in the chia, so it mixes in your red juice ;-)

And that was it! 
Super-easy to make, and sweet in taste :)

Have a wonderful & sunny weekend guys ♥

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