July 25, 2014

MBFW Berlin Day 2: Bright Trade Show

Whenever I'm at the Berlin Fashionweek, I'm always like: I want to have this and shop this and that and oh my gosh, this one is so so beautiful.. but yep, maybe in a year, which is not thaaat bad for my pocket (I'm still trying to save money!). But here comes a small insight into this year's Bright Trade Show, Europe's biggest Skate and Streetwear Fair:

In the first pictures, you'll see that Adidas Originals is bringing out a bunch of Skate Shoes next summer, which I am really happy about because looking for adidas skating shoes here in Germany was kind of disappointing. There weren't many designs, so that I'm now pretty excited about the next season. The one in the right upper corner is my favorite, I really love the combination of royal blue and cyan. If you're into sneakers as well, what's your favorite?

Sandra and I did a stop at the Burton booth and they introduced us to their new apparal and bag collection, which is mostly inspired by Outdoor/Camping/Hiking Adventures. So, for all travelers out there who plan some tours into nature, Burton has a few transitional pieces such as the light-weight Poncho or the board shorts, which has a cool idea: the fabric changes its appearance when getting wet. Isn't that nice? Too bad, that's only for men.

The women's collection is inspired by the ocean and the jellyfish, some pieces have the print on it, which I really like. The t-shirt below is my favorite, but the women's wear is mostly hippie/surf/beach-oriented. But there is also this variety of backpacks for either work, school or outdoor trips. What do you guys think of Burton's Spring/Summer 2015 Collection?

And then, we found out about RVCA, don't really know how to say it the right way, I think some of their PR-people said 'ruca', oh Wikipedia says: rue-cuh.. still not sure though. But anyways, we saw the women's line and really fell in love with the cuts and prints. In the last picture, you'll actually see a jumpsuit, isn't it lovely? Cannot wait for this piece to come out next summer and wear it to the lake! The brand is based in California, oh yes! but belongs to the Australian brand Billabong. RVCA has its focus on the art, surf and skateboard scene, I really need to check them out when I'm back there.. have you guys heard about them yet?

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  1. Ooh, those Adidas skate shoes look really cool! I'm really into those last few pictures featuring some clothes though~ such lovely prints and designs :) so lucky that you went to the trade show- I'd love to go to a trade show one day! X

    Chic Nikkie


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