July 7, 2014

Mindful Monday: The Game with my Conscience

The six month shopping challenge is over and my conscience is making me nuts again.. Why? Because I just went shopping on saturday, but it wasn't that kind of shopping, not this mindless strolling through stores just to kill some boredom. No! My skater sneakers are broken, so I needed new ones. I've met up with a very dear friend and she was also looking for some new sandals, we knew which stores we wanted to check out. 

So, we were successful on our shopping trip, maybe a bit too successful, here's the deal: I found some nice Nike SB sneakers, the grey ones with the pink tongue and then, the sales assistant brought me the other pair, the wine-red ones, and I fell in LOVE with the color of it. Of course, I tried both of them on, but hmm.. would I wear the red ones for skating? Probably not because they look too good. Once again, I was mega indecisive! That’s what happen when you see beautiful clothing, they fool you and your mind. What now? One pair for skating, and the other one just because of aesthetics? 

When I came home with both of them my conscience was telling me: on the one hand, you did not really go shopping for the past half year, so treat yourself with both pairs, but on the other hand, it said - what was all the talk about less is more and being mindful about each purchase, do you NEED both? Yes, I still feel kind of bad for this and still think whether or not, I should return one pair. This is the game with my conscience because not consuming is not the solution, but making good choices about your consumption, that's all about because we all do consume, whether clothing, food, technical things, etc. 

In this moment, writing these words, I am still not sure, but in my opinion, it's about you, what you want and what you think about it. It's not about your friends, what they will think or your own conscience, but whether you can live with it. If yes, take them, if not, then leave them. 

Make a choice and stand by it. 
It will be a good one because you cannot change it. 
It is the right path.

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