July 15, 2014

Ride into Summer with Funky Summer // Loaded Boards

Did I tell you guys that I am right now doing somewhat of an internship at Fränky's Funky Summer Longboardshop in Berlin? Well, if not, this is actually my last week before I am fully diving into my travel plans :) This internship has been really good because it is totally different from everything I worked with before. But more to these pictures right here: 

Last Friday, July 11th, the Loaded Teamriders Adam Colton, Daniel Fissmer, Ethan Cochard and Lotfi Lamaali took a stop in Berlin during their Europe Tour to skate and hang out with. Although Fränky planned a Best Trick Contest, we played some funny games like 'Bite the Bag' instead. 

It was amazing to meet these guys and to get to know them a bit better. My friends and I had tons of fun and we played and laughed a lot, just like children. Thank you guys for being there and spreading the passion you have for this sport! And also thank you for anyone who stopped by, watched and played with us :)

A big thank you to Fränky who made this terrific get-together
 and event happening, hope you enjoyed it, too ;-)

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