August 8, 2013

Duct Tape Surfing

Listen to and watch this video about Tyron Swan helping Pascale Honore to follow her dreams. Strolling through one of my favorite blogs about 'simple wisdom for complex lives': Tiny Buddha I came across this inspiring video of those two.

Pascale Honore has been on a wheelchair for more than 18 years now due to a car accident. She was diagnosed paraplegic and wasn't able to walk anymore. Her two sons grew up surfing in the ocean and she was always watching them until one day a family friend came up with an idea. Tyron Swan, professional surfer, was thinking of duct taping her to his back and to surf with her. As a result they are now travelling through Australia, surfing the coast and trying to spread out the word: Have a dream and make it happen!

Follow their Facebook page and see what they are exploring on their travels.

It is possible to reach your dreams regardless of any limitations. - Pascale Honore

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