August 13, 2013

Style Hunt brought to you by Pharrell Williams

I have the feeling that this blog is turning into a food blog since I've been posting a lot about food, recipes and restaurant reviews. Well, how come? I'm eating out and cook every other day, that might be the case! So, since this should be an actual sports-and fashionblog, I'll try to focus more on those topics, but will of course still share my eats and mind thoughts ;-)

Following Pharrell Williams on Facebook his video show 'The Style Hunt' popped up and then, I watched this video about the street style of Berlin. Watching it again, it's so funny how the host is asking the people about their styles and how they feel. And indeed, Berlin is super-duper black! How did this stylist and individualist (6:11min.) said? Black represents clinically depressed, haha =D =D 'All black everything.' I'm sharing this thought a lot, back in the U.S. I'd do all colours, bought pinkish stuff and then coming back to Germany and being in Berlin, I was just drawn to black everything please! :) What am I going to do with those pink dresses and shirts now? 

Style Hunt can be found on the youtube channel 'i am OTHER' which is dedicated to all Thinkers, Visionaries, Innovators and Individuals, just others. Check out the videos of Style Hunt and let me know, if you like it.

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